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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

Femme Fortress 2: Meet the Demowoman

Scout leads the documentary crew through the halls of the Red base. “Yeah, her office is over here,” she tells the crew. “Demo likes to sit in her office when we’re not out fighting. She’s from Japan; she’s all about keeping her Zen more than Zen.” The Detroit girl’s arms gesture wildly as she describes her companion, “She does tai-chi, and karate and all kinds of shit. And she’s blind too, so don’t make fun of her for that or ask her to read any books.”

Finally they reach an unmarked steel door which once had a sign posted on it but has since been ripped down.

Scout smiles as they reach the door. “And here we go.” Without further warning, the petite Detroit girl kicks the door open and runs like hell. Inside, the Demowoman is trying to take a shit while reading a braille newspaper. Instantly, the blind woman’s jaw drops in shock. Without a word, she reaches down into her pants and pulls out a silenced handgun.

The Demowoman puts five bullets into the cameraman and the rest of the documentary crew run like hell. Basically a slow Monday for the demo.


After things have died down and Mann Co has compensated the family of the murdered camera man, the documentary crew are seated in Demowoman’s real office.

Everything is austere and Spartan. Demo has her explosives, chemicals and tools are categorized with OCD neatness and there isn’t a single non-functional thing around. Even the desk and chair are the cheapest things picked out of an Ikea catalogue with no mind for comfort or aesthetics.

Behind her desk, Demo adjusts the blindfold that’s covering her eyes. Briefly, a nasty looking stripe of scar tissue is revealed; whatever is under that blindfold is best unseen. Her scarred and oft burnt and broken fingers adjust the fisherman’s cap on her head and shift some of her unwashed, greasy hair where she likes it.

“I’m sorry about killing your comrade” she begins, with only the faintest hint of an accent; just the smallest difficulty with her “l”’s. “I meant to hit Scout in the head but my aim was off.”

With her apology out of the way, Demo starts to explain her job. “I am a good Demo woman because I am alive. A good demolitions expert is anal, hates fun and has no hobbies. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or eat meat. I am the best in my particular field and I don’t need eye sight to get my work done.”


We not cut to the familiar sight of battle between the two merc teams. Heavy lays down supressing fire and bullets fly in every which direction but this time she gets mowed down by a sniper.

The Blue sniper surveys her work from a tower, only for the tower’s foundations to blow and the sniper’s perch to tip over.

Demo and Scout step through the dust, a submachinegun in each hand.

Back in the interview, Demo holds up the wires she uses in demolitions. “Each one of my wires is an identical color but has a different texture. As a result, the Blue team never knows which wire to cut when defusing my bombs.”


At the battle, Scout lays down shotgun fire while Demo sprays everywhere with her submachine guns; mowing down an enemy engineer and driving back a soldier. Spinning around, she hears footsteps over the gunfire and blows away an approaching spy about to do a backstab.


In her office, Demo points to the brass bells on her tactical gear. “When I move, the bells make sound and that allows me to run at speed in unfamiliar environments. It’s not dissimilar to echolocation. Any human can do it, but it takes practice to use it like I do.”


Demo is now running down the central corridor of the Blue base, brass bells chiming over the guns and explosions. She throws down sticky bombs to cover her tracks and slow down her pursuers.

At the center of the Blue base, she begins to set up a device with a radioactive symbol on it.


The Demowoman scratches under her blindfold. “Yes, I’ve always been blind. I was born blind; so thankfully when my younger brother gouged out my eyes it wasn’t a big deal.”


Demo walks away from the Blue base and casually hits a detonator. The entire blue base blows up, turning into a mushroom cloud that rises up at least a mile into the atmosphere.

“Holy shit!” shouts a Scout blinded by the explosion’s flash. “Did you use a nuke!!??”

Demo smiles. “Yes.”

Back in the office, Demo gives a big grin. “I took much worse from my brother than a pair of eyes.” She then breaks her stoic character and starts to laugh.

Femme Fortress 2

Femme Fortress 2: Meet the Demo
And meet the Demo! I figured since the Demoman is a black Scottish Cyclops, it's only fair that the Demowoman have no eyes.

Next time is the Soldier :) prepare for that one.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)

Femme Fortress 2: Meet the Scout

Author's note: Scout here is based almost entirely off of the female scout seen in some GMOD movies and SMF sources. I wanted there to be at least one traditionally feminine girl, since my goal is to make the team of women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

That said enjoy :)

In the middle of coal Town, a blue Heavy picks up a sandwich and starts to eat it. The large woman gnaws at her sandwich without enthusiasm or enjoyment; the stale bread and cheap deli meat provides poor nutrition and worse flavor. You have to put weapons grade ketchup on this shit to even fool yourself that you like the flavour.

Suddenly, there’s a thunderous crack and a crunch noise and the Heavy’s eyes cross. Like a tree before a chainsaw, she falls forward; the sandwich still stuck in her mouth.

The earth shakes as the blue heavy falls, an old second hand baseball stuck in her skull. From behind a crate comes a dark haired Detroit girl in pigtails and red shirt and skirt. She grins and adjust her ballcap, “Fuck yeah!” she celebrates her kill.

We cut now to the Scout standing in front of a large cardboard cut-out of Saxxi Hale, president of Mann Co international and most interesting woman in the world.

“I’m from Detroit,” Scout explains. Someone behind the camera asks her something that’s edited out and she narrows her eyes, “Why the hell would I be proud to come from Detroit?”

We cut to a scene of battle, where the RED and BLU teams are duking it out over a control point in the Gravel Pits. Blue Heavy holds down supressing fire on the attacking reds, but at that moment a fast moving scout fires down from a roomtop and kills the large machine gunner.

A quick double jump takes Scout to another rooftop where she kills a blue engineer with a baseball bat and smashes the other team’s dispenser to bits.

Back at the interview, Scout elaborates for the documentary crew. “Yeah I’ve been around. I been in both the G-MODs and the SMF films. I done a lot of shit and killed a lot of people; and I’m pretty cool with that. I don’t need to brag; I’m alive and they’re not.”

Back in battle, Scout jumps through the window of control building. Running down the corridors, she dodges both the sticky bombs of the demo-woman and the engineer’s sentries.

Lightning quick reflexes keep Scout from being decapitated by a lengh of taut piano wire stretched across a hallway. The lithe young woman slides across the floor on her knees. Just as easily, she dives out of the way of a Spy’s backstab and guns down the camouflaged assassin with a half dozen shots from her pistol.

With the outer defences bypassed she sprints for the briefcase.

In the interview room, Scout talks about her relationship with her teammates. “don’t tell her I said this but I really love the Heavy. She’s like the sister I always wanted intead of the sister I actually got. She’s a bit of a fucking bonehead but we have each other’s backs; we’re like the band of brothers with the Y-chromosomes taken out. Though I still haven’t figured out how to tell her that she needs to start waxing.”

Meanwhile in the battle Scout sprints with the briefcase back to the red base while dodging shots from the blue sniper. A bullet narrowly misses her head, punching a hole through the bill of her ballcap as she runs into a building for cover.

She tosses herself through a window pane to escape a blue Pyro’s fire and then power slides through the legs of a blue soldier; causing the blue sniper to shoot through her own teammate by accident.

As she nears the red base, a blue scout is in hot pursuit; firing shotgun blasts that barely miss her enemy. A stray spread of buckshot takes off part of Scout’s pigtail but she’s almost to the base.

Suddenly from out behind a corner, Heavy swings with a giang four by four piece of wood. Red Scout jumps over the heavy piece of lumber like a hurdle jumper. Blue Scout isn’t so lucky, the nearly ten foot long piece of wood hits her in the mouth.

We are treated to an X-ray shot where the wooden beam disintegrates the blue Scout’s upper and lower jaws with a delightful crack. A sickening little crunch follows as blue Scout’s neck snaps in two.

The X-ray shot is over and blue Scout collapses in a bloody heap. Red Scout crosses over to the Red base and ends the round with the blue intel firmly in hand.

And Scout finishes talking to the documentary crew. “So yeah, I dropped out of highschool to be a merc and here I am making six figure paychecks. Life is good. On weekends I chill with the Male Fortress guys.”

Speak of the devil. Regular male scout walks into the Frame with a bucket of fried chicken.

“Hey there, good looking,” grins the Bostonian boy, “I got chicken. What’dya say we do we do dinner and then screw.”

Femme Scout pouts at Male Scout, “Fuck, you again? Don’t you ever take a hint?”

He doesn’t have to, because at that minute, Femme Heavy steps up and puts her meaty hand on scout’s junk. “hey there sweety, that’s the biggest clitoris I’ve seen in a long time.

Title Card: Warning—Too Graphic

Male Scout starts to scream as Femme Heavy does something to him that we can’t see and don’t want to see.

“Don’t worry,” Heavy laughs, “I’ll be gentle, at first!”

Femme fortress 2

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

Femme Fortress 2: Meet the Heavy

Author’s note: This is the first in a series designed to explore unique new female versions of the familiar mercenaries. Enjoy J

The setting takes place inside what looks like an old wooden warehouse. The rafters are dark with dry rot and the walls are dusty from ages of neglect. The only new things in the room are the various wooden crates of all sizes and assorted labels.

Towards one large crate labelled, “ammo” walks a huge Pacific Islander woman in a red vest carrying an equally huge gattling style gun. Though it’s nearly as big as she is, she takes her mammoth weapon and gently puts it down without a sound.

Sitting down on the ammo crate, the large beefy woman adjusts her short black hair with a thick finger and addresses the documentary crew. “I’m the Heavy weapons expert in this shithole of an outfit. I can bench press a full grown elephant seal and I’m here for the money.”

The Heavy pats her gun and starts to describe it. “This is the MK-11 Raiden class minigun. This bastard fires eleven thousand rounds per minute with the highest accuracy of any weapon in its class.”

Heavy holds up one of the giant bullets that go into the gun, “This is a fucking hungry man; you can take this fucker to the other side of the Milky Way and take out both the aliens and the predators.”

She goes on, “My job involves—


“Fuck!” Heavy curses as her cellphone rings. “Who the fuck is that?”

Pulling out her phone, Heavy checks the caller ID but doesn’t recognize it. Still, she answers the cell phone. “Yeah?” She asks, annoyed.

“Yeah, hello,” asks the female voice on the other end of the line, “Is Mike there?”

“Who?” Heavy demands.

Mike, Mike Untstinks” the caller explains, “Have you seen him?”

Heavy rolls her dark eyes but humours the caller. “Hang on,” she grumbles. She turns around and calls past the frame of the camera. “Anybody seen Mike? Mike? Mike Untstinks? Hey everybody, Mike Untstinks! Is he there?”

From off camera, a female voice calls out, “Maybe it’s a yeast infection. Or maybe you should just try soap!” Then a dozen or so voices join in laughter at the heavy.

Instantly, Heavy’s eyes bulge with anger as she realizes that she’s been prank called. She turns to speak to the mysterious lady on the phone. “Why you crack sniffing, ass licking, cock sucking slob; when I find you I’m going to dig the Christmas lights out of my attic and use them to light your cunt on fire! You hear me, bitch!? I’m going to make you pick which members of your family I kill first!!!”

On the phone the prank caller wittily retorts, “Fuck you, fatso; you couldn’t fight anything that isn’t deep fried.”

At that, Heavy freaks out, screaming and throwing her phone across the room and actually taking a big bite out of the ammo crate she’s sitting on.

When she finally calms down, Heavy spits out a mouthful of nails and wood before glaring at the camera. “This interview is over; you edit all that shit out, you hear me?”

The Heavy then picks up her gun, “If you’ll excuse me, Ms. Redwina Mann is paying me to kill people and it’s been almost half an hour since I murdered anyone.”


Cut to a sterile concrete room with a timer counting down. Over the loudspeakers, a baritone Tony Jay style voice informs the female mercenaries. “Battle Commences in thirty seconds. Try not to die too quickly, ladies; we need to get as much value from you as we can.”

As the gender-bent administrator counts down, the Heavy lifts her gun and starts spinning the barrels to get it ready for firing. When the gate lifts, she’s the first to charge into battle; screaming as loud as she can and unleashing hell.


Femme Fortress 2

After the battle at 2Fort, a blood splattered heavy is approached by a young, white Detroit girl with pigtails. “Hey Heavy, that prank caller get you again?”

Heavy sighs, “Yeah, Scout, that whore got me again. I swear, next time I’ll get that bitch. And when I do, if you’re there; I hope to god that you just start walking the other way because it’s not going to be pretty.”

Scout nods her head and smiles sympathetically, “Ah you’ll get her; just be patient.”

As Scout starts to walk away from heavy, she grins from ear to ear and congratulates herself on disguising her Detroit accent over the phone.

Femme Fortress 2: Meet the Heavy
One thing I realize is that very few female version of heavy look heavy. So I imagined a big boned south islander woman with the core and lower body strength to haul around heavy's gun.

I hope you enjoyed, Scout is next.

PC Profile: The Borg Collective

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've been absent from fiction for a while. I did this profile purely for fun. If anyone wants to use it for any tournaments or whatnot feel free to do so. If anyone wants to give constructive criticism, also feel free to do so.

Sources for this profile were pulled from cannon, non-cannon sources and even a little tiny bit of fanon sources. I hope you enjoy reading it and my goal is that you'll walk away knowing something you didn't know before. Or if you didn't then let me know and I'd love to learn something I didn't before.

Here is an alternate version on my blog

With that said, enjoy.


Bio: Out of the darkness they came, no one knows from where or why. They’ve existed for thousands of years, consuming and destroying at will; undefeated and unopposed.

The Borg Collective has come to the Planetary Conquest tournament. They will take the technological and biological features of each enemy they face as their own. Whole species will be erased and planets reshaped in the blink of an eye.

Resistance is futile.



Borg recon powers are straight forward but highly effective. Before every invasion, Borg cubes initiate a planet wide scan; taking note of every natural resource and any native or non-native inhabitants of that world.

After that, worker drones are teleported all over the planet at strategic points to gather intel and see if the locals and resources can be of use.

As each drone is part of a greater hivemind, all information gathered in real time. From there, the attack begins hours or even minutes after the first scan. Any natives assimilated by the Borg add their total knowledge to the collective; so each mind taken adds to the greater techno-demon that is the hive mind.




Name: Drone

Weapon Type: Melee

Armour Type: Regenerative Shield

Training: 5

Mobility: 3

Maximum Range: Melee

Preferred range: Melee

Classification: Worker Bee


The Borg drone is faceless, nameless and ageless. It has always been a Borg Drone; anything of its past existence totally erased, stripped down and buried under high tech cybernetic implants and nano-tech brainwashing.


Every drone lives in a state of total warfare impossibly to understand for sentient beings; they have no families, no hobbies, and no thoughts. Each drone needs only a few hours in a recharge alcove per terran week but otherwise need no food, water or atmosphere.


For trillions of innocents across all quadrants of the galaxy, the face of a drone was the last thing they saw before their lives ended.






Borg strength—Each Borg drone no matter what variant is terrifyingly strong; a baseline drone being able to lift two or three hundred kilograms and launch blows able to heavily dent tritanium bulkheads.


Assimilation tubes—While Borg tend to be stiff and zombie like in hand to hand combat they are truly dangerous foes if for no other reason than their ability to infect and assimilate individuals through direct contact. Built into each arm are retractable tubes that inject Borg nanoprobes into a target. These microscopic robots immediately paralyze a target by attacking the nervous system; in a matter of seconds they begin rewriting the subject’s DNA to start producing simple cybernetic machines from the body’s own ambient metal reserves.


In a matter of minutes an infected individual becomes a loyal but incomplete Borg drone. These tubes are highly dangerous in that they can pierce through light armour and dig through the chinks in forms of heavy armour.




Regenerative shields—Each Borg drone is equipped with a personal shield which not only recharges rapidly but also reads enemy weapons fire and adapts to it; rendering enemy fire virtually inert. When the Borg at shot by a frequency they haven’t seen before the first few enemy shots will kill several drones; allowing the hive mind to gather greater amounts of data on the enemy weapons frequencies and speed up adaptation.


The shields are highly energy efficient and are so powerful that their activation allowed Borg drones to survive a fall to earth from high orbit; albeit with significant but non-fatal damage.


Exo-plating—This refers to the external armour of the drone, to which various implants and tools can be easily grafted on in order to change the drone’s function. This armour is rather weak, not holding up well to high kill phaser shots or projectile weapons; however they will protect the drone from most unaugmented melee strikes and primitive weapons.



Name:  Tactical Drone

Weapon Type: Disruptor

Armour Type: Regenerative Shield

Training: 5

Mobility: 3

Maximum Range: Sniper range

Preferred range: Melee

Classification: Assault infantry


The tactical drone stands a level above the regular drone assimilated from violent, powerful species with high intelligence to go with it and built with greater strength than normal. As of late, Borg have begun transplanting organs and genes across species in order to increase the strength of their tactical drone’s organic components.




Long range:


Arm disruptor—A high powered molecular disruptor weapon that is designed to stun organic lifeforms while destroying machinery and burn through energy shields. This weapon is considerably stronger than most assault weaponry fielded by the Federation and their allies with the exception of the IMOD gun.


Shoulder disruptor—An upgraded disruptor weapon, this is designed for lifeforms which are considered too dangerous for assimilation such as Species 8472 and the Torlus. Both were lifeforms that evolved rapidly and could adapt biologically much in the way that the Borg adapted technologically.


Both weapons were aided by ocular implants which give each Borg a highly accurate zoom function as well as the ability to scan subspace and all across the EM spectrum.


Melee: See Borg drone but stronger


Assimilation Tubes—See Borg Drone


Defence: Tactical drones possessed an upgraded shield over their comrades as well as more powerful exo-plating that could dissipate energy blasts powerful enough to vaporize a human sized lifeform as well as protect against ballistic weapons.


Name: Infected Drone

Weapon Type: Variable

Armour Type: variable

Training: 5

Mobility: 3

Maximum Range: variable

Preferred range: Melee

Classification: converted enemies


Every single person who gets into close contact with a Borg drone stands the risk of infection. Within minutes of infection by Borg nanoprobes, they become an infected drone. Their skin takes a pale, unhealthy colour and micro machines form in their brain but otherwise they’re not yet visibly cybernetic.




Long range: Infected Drones use whatever weapons they wielded in life; though with less accuracy. They stop using these weapons once they get proper treatment and get upgraded to full Borg drones.




Borg strength—Greater than the original species but still less than that of a regular drone


Assimilation tubes—after about ten minute period, infected drones will grow their own infection tubes to begin the cycle anew.


Name: Elite Tactical Drone

Weapon Type: Disruptor

Armour Type: Regenerative shield

Training: 5

Mobility: 3

Maximum Range: sniper

Preferred range: Melee

Classification: Hardened Infantry


The Elite Tactical drone represents a step up from the standard model. Exo plating is sleeker and lighter while still providing better protection. Strength is enhanced and most distinct of all is a stunning array of scanning prosthetics arranged like a headdress.




Long range:


Disruptor prosthetic—the Elite Tactical Drone has a single disruptor weapon designed solely to kill; functionally it’s similar to a tactical drone’s shoulder mounted cannon. However the weapon is designed not to disintegrate; as even a dead body relatively fresh can still be assimilated and converted into a Drone.




Borg strength—See Tactical Drone


Assimilation Tube—See Drone




Regenerative shields—See Tactical drone but stronger


Exo-plating—See Tactical Drone but more potent


Additional factors: With its enhanced sensor array, an Elite Tactical drone has better accuracy and more potent scanning than average; making them mid-level detector units.


Name: Elite Tactical Assimilated Gorn

Weapon Type: Disruptor

Armour Type: Regenerative Shield

Training: 5

Mobility: 4

Maximum Range: sniper

Preferred range: Melee

Classification: heavy Assault infantry


Gorn assimilated by the collective undergo massive invasive surgery and genetic engineering in order to render their already sturdy bodies into virtual killing machines. Towering at over four meters tall, their strength alone makes it suicide for nearly any fight to take them in hand to hand combat.




Long range:


Backpack disruptor—See Elite Tactical drone but much more powerful




Borg strength—Greatly stronger than Elite Tactical drone


Assimilation tubes—See Borg Drone




Regenerative shields on these drones are as powerful as those on a small starship and their exo plating is comparable to armour found on a tank.




Name: Locutus of Borg

Height: 1.7 meters

Age: 67


Hero Bonus: diplomatic, tactical


Locutus of Borg was the result of a unique assimilation process conducted on a captured Jean Luc Picard. The Process left Picard stripped of all individuality as a human, but functionally an individual within the Borg Collective. Even after Picard was liberated from the collective, Locutus lived on as Picard’s stolen memories were kept and Locutus was later reborn as a clone.


Locutus was designed as a spokesperson for the Borg; intended to act as a mediator for the faceless hive mind in order to make a war with the Federation as bloodless and swift as possible.


During his time in the collective he became a kind of focusing nexus for Picard’s own tactical brilliance as well as that of the countless assimilated drones of the hive; using several new tactics and technological methods which wiped out several whole Federation fleets.




Long range:


Arm disruptor—See Tactical drone.


Shoulder disruptor—See Tactical Drone.




Melee: See Borg drone but stronger


Assimilation Tubes—See Borg Drone


Defence: see Tactical drone


Additional factors: If Locutus is killed, the collective has stored backups of his personality and can clone him again; same with all the other Borg heroes.


Name: Armek of Borg

Height: 2 meters

Age: 100

Classification: Field General

Hero Bonus: combat, tactical


Before his dishonour at the hands of the Borg Collective, Armek was a Klingon general. His creation is a parallel of Locutus; he was to be a powerful front line fighter designed to demoralize and humiliate the warriors of the Klingon empire in order to hasten their defeat and make a war with them shorter.


He was also intended as a prototype to run field tests on several new Borg technologies.




Long range:


Disruptor Prosthetic—See Elite Tactical Drone


Orbital strike—With his brain heavily enhanced by built in computers and rewired neurons, Armek could directly link into nearby Borg ships and coordinate from the ground powerful air strikes to destroy enemy formations and fortifications; making it seem as though he was calling down the powers of hell on his foes.




Regenerative shield—See Elite Tactical Drone


Exo plating—See Elite Tactical Drone


Forcefield Dome—Armek is able to create a fixed position spherical forcefield which can tank fire from a fighter craft short period. Better yet, this shield is able to push all enemies outside of the Dome’s area of effect and prevents them from entering. This is highly useful against powerful melee enemies or groups of swarmers.


This ability has a fifteen meter radius and a duration of thirty seconds with a five second cooldown.


Cover shield—This power creates a large hardlight shield similar to Covenant portable cover. Armek is able to create a powerful cover shield for sixty seconds.


Finally, Armek is able to shoot through all of his own personal forcefields with his disruptor weapon thanks to them being on equal frequencies.


Name: Assimilated Species 8472

Height: 3 meters

Age: Unknown

Classification: Science experiment

Hero Bonus: combat


Species 8472 are the only species that the Borg have ever encountered for whom resistance was truly not futile. Each of these strange tripedal monsters from another dimension is a living, organic killing machine immune to every known poison, disease, radiation and even Borg nano-technology.


To date the Borg have only ever assimilated one of these creatures by supressing its insanely powerful immune system through radical research and therapy. This monster is ferociously strong, more powerful than Elite Tactical Gorn drones and is possibly the single most physically powerful creature in the Star Trek Universe.


The only downside to this deadly abomination is the fact that if its shields fall and the body becomes too badly damaged, its immune system will jumpstart and utterly consume the Borg technology in its body; immunizing itself against the Borg’s intensive and time consuming research in the process. Should that happen, it will kill anything it in its path without hesitation or remorse.




Melee: Superhuman strength


Claws—The creature’s unique biology is highly virulent despite Borg Countermeasures, a single call from a scratch that gets lodged in an organic or mechanical being will metastasize like a cancer and digest its victim from the inside out. Death occurs in minutes.




Regenerative shield—See Elite Tactical drone but stronger


Alien physiology—In the wild, Species 8472 are strong enough to totally ignore physical blows that would crumple steel and they don’t even notice phaser fire. To date only IMOD weapons are shown to do them any harm.


Name: Borg Queen

Height: 1.7 meters

Age: Unknown

Classification: Leader

Hero Bonus: tactical, combat


The Borg Queen as you see her is the agent who brings order to chaos. Though she rarely takes part of combat and the number of beings who’ve met her and know about her can be counted on one hand, she makes her presence felt through her armies of drones as well as her extremely powerful private flagship.




Long range:


Borg Octahedron—See Air force for details




Borg Strength—See Borg Drone


Assimilation tubes—See Borg Drone




Name: Assimilated To’Doj fighter

Armour Type: Deflector shield

Cavalry purpose: cannon fodder

Classification: salvaged space fighter

Speed: Atmospheric escape velocity


The Klingon Empire suffered almost as much as the United Federation of Planets from Borg invasion. Frequently, the Borg would assimilate whole shipyards and use the Empire’s resources against it.


The To’Doj is lightweight starfighter which makes up for its weak shields and armor with high speed and maneuverability; allowing it to easily dance around most Romulan and Federation Starships. The Borg have taken to refitting these craft for atmospheric flight and throwing them en masse against attacking ships and fortifications. Each fighter is remotely computer controlled so the Borg do not suffer any drone losses with these cheap, expendable ships.




Armaments: Disruptor cannons, Photon Torpedoes




Name: Assimilated Raptor

Armour Type: Deflector shield

Speed: Orbital escape velocity

Classification: Refitted Enemy starship

Basic description:


The raptor is a breed of fast moving, hard hitting medium sized warships of the Klingon Empire. When the shipyards of the Vorn System were taken, the shipyards and every vessel there was assimilated and put towards the good of the collective.


Fast, well-armed but poorly shielded compared to Federation vessels, each raptor possesses only a skeleton crew of drones to pilot it. The Raptor fits the role of armour in the Borg collective, supporting ground offensives and tanking damage for heavier hitting or more important units and ships. As such, these vessels are considered expendable by the collective and will be thrown at the enemy’s strongest points.




Armaments: Disruptor arrays, photon torpedoes,


Defence: Deflector shield




Name: Borg Cube

Type of Aircraft: Warship/Factory ship

Fighter or Bomber: Both

Armour Type: Deflector shields/regenerative armor

Weapon Type: Direct energy weapons

Classification: City ship

Basic Description:


The Borg cube is the backbone of the Collective’s fleet; the simple geometry of the hull hiding the massive technological sophistication and versatility within. Slow within atmosphere, a cube is heavily armoured and armed to compensate. More than three kilometers long on each side, a single cube is like a floating city; a single one is often enough to assimilate an entire planet.






Plasma Beam Array—The Borg have taken Romulan plasma weapon technology and refined it to a degree beyond the power of Romulan weapons or Federation Phaser weapons.


Tachyon Beam—Useless against armour, these highly focused beams burn through a starship’s shields with minimal energy output on the part of the Borg Sphere.


Cutting beam—Sometimes used as an offensive weapon but more often as a bloody research tool, the cutting beam is a laser like weapon which cuts out a small section of an enemy starship and transports it aboard the cube for research and even resource collection.


Plasma torpedoes—Reverse engineered Romulan weapons, Plasma torpedoes are formed when a warhead of trilithium alloy mixtures is converted instantly into a ball of plasma; which while short ranged compared to most torpedoes is far more powerful. Also unlike standard torpedoes it can be destroyed in mid-flight.


Tractor Beam—Normally used to capture ships and keep them from escaping, a Borg cube’s multiple deflector shields can rip apart a ship through sheer kinetic energy distortion.


Shield neutralizer—A direct energy weapon which is designed to rip away at enemy shields at very low power cost to the Borg Cube. This weapon can be stacked with tachyon beams for double shield reduction.


Enhanced Transporters—Not directly an offensive power, Borg have shown in the past to be able to transport through enemy force fields and shields after some scanning. They have been known to do this in battle, sending over teams of drones to take apart a ship from inside and disable it during a battle. This can be countered with at least regular shield remodulation, if not constant remodulation.


Magnetometric charges—When Borg need to shoot a target where normal weapons scanners and detectors do not work, they start firing these charges. If the target is even remotely metallic, then the missile’s simple guidance system will hone in on that and detonate in a powerful charge equal to a tricobalt missile.


Energy net—One of a Borg Cube’s most sinister weapons, the Cube can project a hardlight net can that be used to scoop up entire cities. The most seen taken by the cube was a Federation colony of about 80,000 people. Once scooped up, Citizens and their city are pulled into the cube where the population is assimilated and the city itself is broken down for raw materials.


Defence: Regenerative shields


Decentralized systems—A Borg Cube has no bridge, no central engineering bay and no crew quarters.  All of the ships functions are interlinked, redundant and totally decentralized. If part of the ship is damaged then power can be rerouted and subsystems take over. This is so effective that a Borg Cube can function and fight even if eighty percent of its mass has been destroyed.


Regeneration—A Borg Cube has the most uncanny ability to actualize self-repairs even in the middle of combat. Cubes have been noted repairing hull and structural damage during firefights and in the middle of energy consuming warp flight.


Electromagnetic field—Borg Cubes use powerful electromagnetic fields to prevent teleportation aboard their ships even when their main shields are down. Fields can be powered up and extended greatly beyond the range of the Cube to scramble sensors and communications in enemy ship formations.


Name: Borg Sphere

Type of Aircraft: Scout ship

Fighter or Bomber: Both

Armour Type: Deflector shields/regenerative armor

Weapon Type: Direct energy weapons

Classification: Long range tactical vessel

Basic Description:


Smaller brother to the Borg Cube though no less deadly, the Sphere is a long range scout and combat ship used for a variety of roles in the collective. While not as durable and heavily armed as cubes, they are much faster and more maneuverable.


Under certain circumstances they can even be embedded in Borg Cubes as escape craft.


Armaments: Plasma Torpedoes, Plasma Beam Array, Cutting Beam Array, Tachyon Beam, Tractor Beam, Enhanced transporters,


Defence: Regenerative shields, Regenerative hull


Ablative armour—designed to absorb weapons fire and degrade at a controlled rate, this armour helps to make Borg Spheres much more durable than they were in the past. Previously, four quantum torpedoes were enough to destroy a sphere; now they can stand that damage, albeit barely.


Name: Borg Octahedron

Type of Aircraft: Warship

Fighter or Bomber: Both

Armour Type: Deflector shields/regenerative armor

Weapon Type: Direct energy weapons

Classification: Command vessel

Basic Description:


Notions such as personal honour or are irrelevant to the Borg; only results matter. Hence when the Borg Queen needs to make her will felt she has her own personal flagship; the Borg Octahedron has been the last sight of many, many sentients through the galaxy.



Armaments: Plasma Beam Array, Plasma torpedo, Tractor Beam, Enhanced transporters, Magnetometric charges,  Borg Shield Neutralizer, Tachyon Beam


Dual Plasma Turrets—Heavy duty versions of the plasma Beam array; has similar range but much greater firepower as well as intense kinetic energy delivery.


Tyken’s Rift—The Octahedron can generate a rift in subspace which can destroy groups of mines and torpedoes in an AOE affect of several kilometers. It is also able to drain power from hostile ships and shut down their internal power plants.


Anti-matter spread—The Queen’s ship can fire out a spread of anti-matter pellets encased in magnetic fields. When the fields burst, an anti-matter pyrotechnics display is created which overloads enemy sensors in a five km radius as well as generating a lethal radiation cascade which can fatally irradiate an area of up to twenty kilometers.


Sensor scramblers—Similar to a Borg Cube’s electromagnetic field but more powerful.


Gravimetric Torpedoes—Torpedoes which cannot be destroyed in flight; these warheads act as artificial singularities that manipulate space time. Gravity becomes so great that the shear effect rips apart well shielded starships.



Defence: See Borg Cube but stronger


Feedback pulse—An activated ability which causes enemy weapons fire to turn against the attacking vessel. The effectiveness of this effect is directly related to the Octahedron’s auxiliary power supply. At maximum effectiveness, fifty-five percent of enemy weapons are fired back at them.




Name: Borg Wedge

Type of Aircraft: Transport

Fighter or Bomber: Neither

Armour Type: Deflector shields/regenerative armor

Weapon Type: Direct energy weapons

Classification: Boarding ship

Basic Description:


The Borg wedge was a small, specialized Borg ship designed to send boarding parties aboard shielded or unshielded vessels. It had a teleportation system with a much longer range than most Borg ships as well as a tractor beam to hold them in place for other ships to attack.


Armaments: Plasma beam arrays, Plasma Torpedoes, Enhanced Teleporters, tractor beam


Defence: Lightly shielded compared to most Borg vessels, it relied on its speed and maneuverability to survive and lock onto targets and deliver boarding parties.




Name: Assimilation Drone

Armour Type: Regenerative energy shield

Classification: Reproductive unit



Assimilation drones are custom built by the collective to transform infected drones into fully fledged drones.  They stand out among Borg drones for their highly specialized dual prosthetic arms which allow them to perform massive surgery on a variety of species. Rarely do they leave the safety of Borg ships, where they work tirelessly for hundreds of hours at a time converting new drones; when they do it’s usually in a well-fortified position where the Borg set up an impromptu conversion center.




Armaments: Borg strength (see Drone), Assimilation tubes


Name: Medical Drone

Armour Type: Regenerative energy shield

Classification: Field Medic



The Medical drone is usually seen on the frontlines of a Borg ground assault where they’re usually accompanied by a drone or two for safety. The extent of their medical technology is advanced to the point where they can revive clinically dead Borg drones or organic lifeforms for assimilation as long as they’re not too far gone. Past five hours a body is useless due to biological death set in.




Armaments: Borg strength (see Drone), Assimilation tubes


Name: Planetary Assimilation Probe

Armour Type: Regenerative energy shield, regenerative armour

Classification: Terraformer



The Borg are always looking for new and more efficient ways to assimilate worlds; thus the Assimilation Probe was created. A medium speed Frigate, these craft are designed to land on planets with useful resources and start seeding the atmosphere with nanoprobes. Within a matter of weeks, nanoprobes spread through the atmosphere, through the planet’s water and food supply. Probes are eaten, breathed in or absorbed through the skin. The nanoprobes can even start to assimilate civilian and eventually military machinery and hardware.


Just one of these probes can assimilate all life on a planet given enough time. More can speed the process exponentially.




Armaments: Plasma Beam Array




Name: Deflector Shield

Armament: none

Defence: Fortification

Special: can block transporters


The Borg use deflector shields not only on their ships but when needed around areas of a planet as well. Most often shields are used to control traffic in and out of captured facilities or to corner lifeforms before assimilation.


Shields can be broadcast to cover cities and even whole parts of a planet depending on available output. The Borg will only cover an area with shield if there are valuable resources in an area such as ores or lifeforms to assimilate. Otherwise the concept of holding territory for the sake of it is alien to the Borg.


=============FACTION LEADER===============


Name: The Borg Queen




What you see as the Borg Queen is only the physical avatar of something larger and much greater. What primitive beings perceive to be as a single queen is in fact the gestalt sum of the Borg’s combined hive mind.


The Borg Queen brings order to chaos, it is through her that the hive mind is proactive rather than reactive and it is her iron will which drives the collective ever on to greater and greater conquests.


No one can say how long the Queens have reigned, but best estimates generally put the existence of the  Queens as old as the modern Borg as we know it; so roughly one thousand years if not more. During the course of those thousand years, the Borg grew under the Queen’s leadership from a minor power who had only assimilated a handful of species to a galaxy spanning menace with millions of Borg cubes.


The only time the Borg suffered true defeat was when they were invaded by Species 8476 and when a time travelling Admiral Janeway from the future used twenty-fifth century technology to destroy the Borg Trans warp hub.


Personality: To understate it greatly, the Borg Queen is ruthless and more than a bit sadistic. Her only goal, her only priority is the consumption of anything that is useful. She is always looking for the greatest gain possibly for the collective and her seemingly endless hunger for resources belies the logical, efficiency driven way she goes about this eternal goal.


She thinks nothing of sacrificing drones en mass for the name of conquest as long as net gains can be made in the process. She sacrifices the drones under her command without pity or remorse and on some occasions even quite a bit of glee. There is nothing and no one she would not sacrifice for the cause of expansion.


Perhaps her only weakness is her intense arrogance and naked hostility. Her vendetta against Captain Janeway caused her to underestimate the Captain’s time travelling future self and accidently become infected with a virus that destroyed the Borg Unimatrix.


Like the scorpion from Aesop’s fable, The Scorpion and the Frog she is a slave to her malicious nature.


Style of Leader: Hive mind


The Queen doesn’t just control the collective she is the collective. Each drone is a part of her body and she knows them down to the smallest.


Thus while killing her current host body would disrupt the local drone network and send drones into panic and sometimes death, she can and will be reborn into a new body in short order.




Adaptive creativity—71/100:The Queen is very result driven, if a strategy is not working it is rapidly dropped in favour of a new stratagem. There are no methods and no resources that the Queen is not willing to leverage towards victory.  A large part of her creativity is to utilize stolen enemy technology in ways that the enemy had not yet considered viable or even possible.


Tactics— 65/100: While the Queen’s default tactic is brute, overwhelming force she also utilizes deep infiltration teams, sabotage and a host of other tactics. Playing dirty is her forte par excellence.


Strategy—77/100: Being over a thousand years old, the Borg Queen thinks in long term. She is not bound by a single lifespan and approaches war with the cold rationality of a computer. The Borg may seemingly retreat in defeat only to return later, more powerful and at a moment of weakness for their foes. They launch raids into enemy territory to steal resources and technology; enemy assets are captured and turned against them. The assimilation of a species may happen overnight or it might take centuries, whatever is more efficient.  


Intuition—60/100: One weakness of the Queen’s logic based approach to warfare and conquest is that it is reliant on data to give a good long term picture. While her “intuition” is very good for a baseline human she has no true prescience and can be blindsided.


Audacity—90/100: While she shows some sense of self preservation, the Queen will otherwise risk anything and everything if she thinks the odds are good enough. She’s more than happy to sacrifice millions of drones to achieve a single objective.


Psychological warfare—45/100: While she’s capable of bargaining, intimidation and extortion the Queen otherwise isn’t interested in scaring her enemies; preferring to focus on assimilating them.




Experience—95/100: While she is over a thousand years old, the Queen also has every single piece of knowledge from every drone assimilated ever. She is extremely hard to surprise and there are few tactics or strategies she has not seen before. She was only ever truly surprised by a time traveller from the future with advanced knowledge of events.


Discipline—80/100: The Queen lacks many of the usual human weaknesses and foibles. She rarely loses her temper and never loses sight of what is truly important. She will only stop working towards her goals when the entire Borg collective is extinct.


Leadership—100/100: Disobedience is literally impossible for the average Borg drone.





Morale: 95/100—Borg Drones are totally mindless and under control at all times. However the collective as a whole can be “shaken” by large enough events; such as the near extinction by Species 8476 and the very existence of Seven of Nine, the only Borg drone to ever become truly free without leaving a computer backup of her personality. .


Logistics—90/100: Almost anything the Borg need they can build for themselves or else steal it. Each Borg cube is a city with fully industrial capacity. Each drone only needs a few hours of recharge every week; not needing food, water, oxygen and able to survive in the vaacum of space.


The Borg can steal almost anything from an enemy and use it. They can even hack into enemy power grids and start to steal energy if they need it. In short order they can turn an enemy’s infrastructure against them and can literally assimilate whole planets and all machines and lifeforms on it.


Espionage: 70/100—While the Borg love to teleport raids behind enemy lines and steal enemy technology at every chance they are rarely dedicated to espionage. Adept computer hacking helps to raise this score a bit.


Discipline: 100/100—Borg drones move like clockwork; they can no longer disobey than a clock can choose to stop.


Overall intimidation: 69/100—While some might not find these black clad cyborgs terrifying, most will be terrified when they are assimilated en mass and airborne nanoprobes start to assimilate the very bedrock of the planet they’re on.


Reinforcement rate: Very high


The Borg have millions of Cubes, each one with an average crew compliment of 160,000; that doesn’t even count the number of planets the Borg hold. And when they’re not assimilating lifeforms by direct contact or through the wind they actually breed new drones from infancy in cloning tanks.


Past Opponents:


The Vaadwaur—Back in the Fourteenth century, the Vaadwaur were the dominant power in the Delta Quadrant. At the time they knew of the Borg and clashed with them several times, defeating them but failing to wipe them out. The Borg would later return from near extinction stronger and more technologically advanced.


The Turei—After the near extinction of the Borg, the Vaadwaur were defeated by the Teuri and a number of allied races. The Teuri would later fight the Borg and almost wipe them out, with the Borg returning an unspecified amount of time later; stronger and more technologically advanced.


The United Federation of Planets—A peace loving representative Republic of over 150 star systems, the Federation was technologically advanced and highly adaptive. The first Borg invasion of the UFP saw the Federation lose an entire fleet while the Borg only lost a single ship. They would only drive the Borg back through intense eleventh hour innovation and a bit of luck.


While the Federation fought fiercely to close the tech gap between them and the Borg, the Borg would adapt just as fast to maintain their tech lead.


The second encounter with the Federation went much the same, with a single Borg Cube destroying an entire Fleet before being destroyed by special technical knowledge held by Captain Picard. Unwilling to concede defeat the Borg went back in time, but this too was stopped by Picard and his crew.


The only true defeat at Star Fleet’s hands came with a twenty-fifth century time travelling Admiral Janeway; who used superior tech to blow up the Borg’s trans warp hub and cripple their empire in a way it had not in centuries.


The Klingon Empire—During the First Federation invasion, the Borg wiped out an entire Klingon defense fleet with a single ship.


While in later years the empire would work hard to fight an anti-Borg war, the Borg would strike deep wounds against the Empire; assimilating one of its largest shipyards and assimilating several strategic planets.


The Romulan Star Empire—In the late 24th century the Borg assimilated a number of Romulan colonies and science outposts; leaving before any local Romulan military ships could intervene.


Species 8472—Perhaps the only true threat the Borg have ever faced; these were a violent, highly xenophobic race who lived in another dimension called Fluidic space and possessed planet destroyer technology.


Their intense biology meant that they were more adaptive than the Borg. While the Borg eventually figured out how to assimilate the species, the punitive expedition from Species 8472 cost the Borg far more than they ever had lost in centuries.



Quantity vs Quality: The Borg straddle the line between the two poles. On the one hand they always work to advance their technology and biology at any cost but on the other they frequently use weapons of mass destruction and brute power to accomplish their goals




Technological gains: Very High


The Borg are masters are masters at stealing useful technology and they always improve what they steal beyond its original state. Not to mention that they’ve been known to invent their own unique technologies derived from enemy tech.


Biological gains: High


Borg are always looking to improve their biology. While they will not assimilate non-sentient lifeforms they will render them down to DNA slurry and use their genes and cultured organs to improve the strength, endurance and other features of their drone’s biological components.


Any world taken by the Borg will most likely have its entire population assimilated.  Anything, anyone and everything that they in any way consider useful, the Borg will take and use.


Memories: When a being is assimilated into the collective, their memories and knowledge becomes a permanent part of the hive mind. Even when a drone dies, the memory remains in the collective. Only an extinction level event could cause the Borg to lose memory.

PC Profile: Borg Collective
This took a lot of work and the Federation profile I'm working on will take more work as there are a lot more hero units and a lot more units to parse out and organize.

Again, this was done purely for fun and it was a true challenge at that. I haven't done this much research since I was in university. And it was a damn pleasure.
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As of late, I've just been taking it easy.

I've done a lot of writing, just bits and pieces that I'll probably never post but still give me great joy to write.

I'm working on a Jojo vs Terry Crews fight.

I'm also working on Planetary conquest profiles for the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Collective. Because golly, it's so much fun to dive back into Star trek after reading so many Warhammer and Star Wars books for such a long time. It's such a different, dynamic world compared to both of those places.

I don't know, I'm just having a lot of fun. A lot of things make me smile now, I like my books. And I'm not really writing for anyone but myself, selfish as that may be.

I'm just floating free.

so take of it what you will and I hope you're out there reaching for happiness.

Also this little video here about the Borg is damn awesome.…
  • Listening to: Third degree: by Tahee Cain
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Team fortress SFM movies
  • Playing: Splatterhouse
  • Eating: supper
  • Drinking: beer
As of late, I've just been taking it easy.

I've done a lot of writing, just bits and pieces that I'll probably never post but still give me great joy to write.

I'm working on a Jojo vs Terry Crews fight.

I'm also working on Planetary conquest profiles for the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Collective. Because golly, it's so much fun to dive back into Star trek after reading so many Warhammer and Star Wars books for such a long time. It's such a different, dynamic world compared to both of those places.

I don't know, I'm just having a lot of fun. A lot of things make me smile now, I like my books. And I'm not really writing for anyone but myself, selfish as that may be.

I'm just floating free.

so take of it what you will and I hope you're out there reaching for happiness.

Also this little video here about the Borg is damn awesome.…


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