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Well my health mentally and physically is greatly improved. 

The shakes have stopped and I'm feeling happier. I'm still very low on energy but the difference between today and last journal entry is night and day. 

Writing really has helped me. It's given me focus, kept my mind active and just given me these little adrenaline rushes that are the best high I could ask for. Gimme some good power metal and a word program and I'm on cloud nine :) 

So I've been working on Sokka versus Hannibal. And I realize I kinda see Hannibal as a meat robot. He copies human behavior to an extraordinary degree but there's really nothing on the inside; just a read/write program that constantly reinvents itself minute by minute. It's a very fun character to write, especially when juxtaposed with Madds Mikkelsen's overly friendly attitude. 

On other fronts I'm also writing a PC style profile for the Rebel Alliance. I love star wars, always have, I lament what disney did to the expanded universe so this is giving me a real good excuse to read star wars books, watch the original films, rewatch the prequels (I honestly did enjoy them, especially revenge of the Sith) read comics and even watch fan films on youtube. 

It turns out the Rebels have this huge collection of units and vehicles that don't appear in the original films. For example, they had a ton of vehicles that left over from the clone wars; stuff that the Empire just had stored away in forgotten warehouses and the Rebels stole them and upgraded them for the modern Star Wars battlefield. They also stole a shitload of imperial designs for vehicles and spacecraft and mass produced them in manufacturing space stations hidden all across the outer rim. 

And fun fact, did you know that the first enemies the Rebels fought were Seperatist holdouts left over from the Clone wars for almost two decades? Yup, like the Civil War in America there were a ton of holdouts. Palpatine for years allowed them to exist to justify a bloated and enormous army to a war weary galaxy. 

Yeah, I'm learning things about the Alliance that I never knew before and it's wonderful. I don't even care if the Rebels get into the PC tournament when my profile is done, I just love writing it. 

So yeah, I start a new job monday, that ought to go well. In a couple of days time I should be back to one hundred percent. For now I'll keep writing and with any luck in a few days time I'll be able to chat and comment at my usual speed :) 

And also Jesse Ventura . . . 

I love YouTube poops, and I've watched so many over the last few days. 


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